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Jonathan Faña ayuda su Club a Ganar Copa

El dominicano Jonathan Faña Frias( en T & T le dicen Jonathon Frias), ayudó a su equipo el W Connection a ganar el First Citizens Cup, anotando un gol en tiempo reclamentario y un gol en tanda de penalty.
"But the five-time winners stepped up and took the lead two minutes later and this time Frias made sure he struck well, blasting the ball into the roof of the net to beat Figueroa after being played in by Jose Luis Seabra in a play inspired by Toussaint down the left for a 2-1 lead which held out until the break".

Final ScoreW Connection 2 (6 pen) Joe Public 2 (5 pen)
Andre Toussaint 18’, Jonathon Frias 35’; Christopher Harvey 11’, Keyeno Thomas 56’

Penalty Kicks
Jonathon Frias(scored) Kerry Baptiste(scored)
Andre Toussaint(scored) Arnold Dwarika(saved)
Jose Luis Seabra(scored) Christopher Harvey(scored)
Christian Viveros(saved) Dale Saunders(scored)
Elijah Joseph(scored) Wolry Wolfe(scored)
Kern Cupid(scored) Keyeno Thomas(scored)
Teba McKnight(scored) Jason Springer(missed)

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