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Aruba se encuentra en República Dominicana para las eliminatorias Sub 20


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he Aruba Women's U20 National Selection is currently in the Dominican Republic to represent Aruba in the CFU U20 Women's Qualification. Aruba shares the group with the Dominican Republic and Trinidad & Tobago. Aruba's own Joyceline Irausquin took sometime from her busy schedule to sit down with AVBAruba for a Q&A session.

After just having guided her club SV Bubali to win the U20 Women's National title, Irausquin now has the difficult task to guide the Aruba's U20 Women's to the second stage of the CFU U20 Women's Qualifications. She is well known for having a smile on her face whenever she plays soccer. Below we chat about Irausquin's soccer ambitions, as well as, a side of Irausquin not seen too en by many.

Name: Joyceline “Cookie” Irausquin
Club: S.V. Bubali
Date of birth: 20th March 1995
Place of birth: Aruba
Age: 18
Height: 1.56m
Nationality: Dutch
Position: Central Midfielder
Foot: Both

AVBAruba: At what age did you start playing soccer?
The first time I played was for the elementary school I was visiting, Mon Plaisir Basisschool, at the age of 9. But I began practicing at the age of 4.

AVBAruba: What attracted you to soccer as opposed to other sports?
Soccer is a sport that not many girls would want to play because it is a boy/men sport so I was up for the challenge and till the day of today I love the sport.

AVBAruba: You’ve accomplished many, many things in your young soccer career. What stands out as the biggest accomplishment and the one you’re most proud of?
The accomplishment I am proud of is that I can play all positions including keeper.

AVBAruba: Why do you love soccer? And how does it help your fitness?
I love soccer because it is a sport where I can be whomever I want on the field. It is like my get away, my world, everything I live for. It helps me with my physical and mental health.

AVBAruba: What is the strongest part of your game? What aspect needs the most improvement?
My strongest part I would say is my technique and maybe my speed. I have to improve my vision on the field so I know where my teammates stand.

AVBAruba: If you’ve never played soccer before, how can you get started?
You should start with the basics, just by kicking balls against a wall, watch some trainings and matches on the web, and join a club.

AVBAruba: What would you like to achieve with your soccer career?
My biggest dream is to become a professional soccer player.

AVBAruba: What are the benefits of soccer?
It keeps me in a top condition and it helps me relax.

AVBAruba: What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?
To always follow my dreams and my heart. Love what you do, and don’t let anyone keep you from achieving your goals in life.

AVBAruba: What’s the best piece of advice you can give our readers?
Dream big because dreams do come true. Work hard for what you want to achieve in life and do not let anything or anyone stop you from following your dreams.

AVBAruba: What is your typical workout routine and healthy eating plan like?
I don’t have a healthy eating plan. I eat everything at anytime of the day. But I know and I am aware that I should make one. My workout routine depends on what my cousin does because most of the time I workout with him. But when he’s not around I have to workout all by myself so I do for instance: insanity, run on the treadmill or I ride a bike; it all depends on what we’re going to do in practice.

AVBAruba: What’s playing on your iPod and why?
Most of the songs on my iPod are motivational songs so I can get pumped before every game and every practice.

AVBAruba: Where your expectations met for female soccer in 2013? What are the changes that you would like to see?
I want to see the women’s division grow here on the Island. I would like to see more clubs/teams in the women’s championship because I know there are very talented young girls out there but they don’t have a club to play in and most of the time they do not have the support from their loved ones either.

AVBAruba: What can we expect from Aruba during the CFU U20 Women's Qualification?
We will give everything on the field to qualify for the next round. We won't give up till the clock strikes ninety minutes.

AVBAruba: Just to get to know you a little bit better and closer. We would appreciate if you can answer a couple of questions that are more personal so that all the soccer fans around the world and on the island of Aruba can get to know Joyceline “Cookie” Irausquin better.

Q: Three dinner guests?

Alex Morgan, Hope Solo, Iker Casillas

Q: Favorite movie?

Safe Haven, Goal II: Living the dream, Step up Revolution

Q: Favorite actors?

Channing Tatum, Lea Michelle

Q: Favorite meal?

Steak and macaroni & cheese

Q: Favorite professional soccer player?

Alex Morgan

Q: Favorite professional club?

Real Madrid
Joyceline "Cookie" Irausquin

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